lcl pvc compound - resins Longfield Chemicals supply a vast range of pvc compound, polymers and pvc resins.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Epivyl S-PVC polymer Visit the EIL web site
Electrochemical Industries, Israel

Electrochemical Industries ("EIL") produce a wide range of suspension PVC resins of the highest quality, which are sold in Israel, Europe and selected world markets.
Pipe profile and rigid sheet Injection and blow moulding grades Plasticisable grades.
B-Grade & Regrinds
Longfield Chemical Limited are also able to offer a full range of B-Grade PVC, resins and compounds, PVC regrind, rigid and flexible and Additives for PVC compounds. More information on Regrinds >
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Liten HDPE from Chemopetrol, Czech Republic
ExxonMobil HDPE from ExxonMobil Chemical, USA
Padmex HDPE from PMI, Mexico
HDPE regrind and reprocessed More information on Regrinds >
HDPE Stock Holding >

LDPE & LLDPE (Low & Linear Low Density Polyethylene)

ExxonMobil LDPE and LLDPE from ExxonMobil, USA
LDPE wide-spec, reprocessed and regrind
LDPE & LLDPE Stock Holding>

Begra PVC rigid and flexible compounds
Begra Granulate, Germany Visit the Begra Granulate web site
Begra specialise in rigid and flexible PVC granules and dry blends. Begra develop and produce custom made compounds for various applications. Granules are supplied in 25kg bags, octabins, containers or bulk transport . The Begra rigid PVC compound is ideal for: Window Profiles, Façades, Curtain Rails, Pipes, Building & Furniture Profiles, Transparent Profiles and Foamed Profiles. Begra PVC compounds are available in extrusion and moulding grades.
More Information on Prime PVC Compound >
PP (Polypropylene)
Mosten PP from Chemopetrol, Czech Republic
Eltex PP from BP Chemicals, UK
ExxonMobil PP from ExxonMobil Chemical, USA
PP wide-spec, reprocessed and regrind
Polypropylene stock holding >
Other Polymers Traded
PS (Polystyrene), High Impact & General Purpose
Prime, wide-spec, reprocessed and regrinds

ABS (Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene)
Prime, wide-spec, reprocessed and regrinds
PC (Polycarbonate)
Prime, wide-spec, reprocessed and regrinds
SAN (Styrene - Acrylonitrile)
Prime, wide-spec, reprocessed and regrinds
MB (Masterbatch)
High performance black masterbatch

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